English: Hat Rack


Hutablage (Bild)

Why hat rack?

In our daily lives we play different roles. Through one long day and certainly during our lives we switch between those roles in order to complete our tasks.

These roles can be symbolized by the different „hats“ we put on during the day and in life. Each role itself will develop, alter and change as we grow in and out of different phases. While the most obvious roles are connected to our life-cycle (like being a child, a youngster, a grown-up…) there are more subtle ones which might not always enter our consciousness.

Sometimes we get stuck or lost in some of the less obvious roles: Subtly, a role might change from a once supportive possibility into an old habit  – and this way it can become quite an obstacle.

As a coach and trainer I offer the space and methods to explore and experience many roles – old and new ones – in a safe space.

And so, maybe one or the other „odd hat“ will be left at my office…

…it will be recycled for sure 🙂

Supervision, Coaching and Trainings

I offer trainings and workshops in various fields, mainly concerning parenting and health.

Usually these trainings are held in German, but if you find a few interested colleagues or friends we can work on your favourite topic in English.

Here you can find those workshops which I offer on a regular basis: Veranstaltungen (German)

As a coach I also offer methods from my buddhistic and shamanic background – such focusing on the energetic level of your topics.

If you are interested, please call for further information!
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