Walk of Life

This workshop is designed for men and women, who are torn between the idea of pursuing their careers and the question, whether or not becoming a parent fits in at all.

The aim of the workshop is more clarity.
Not the decision-making itself, which surely is a much longer process.
This evening can help to sort the most important questions according to their urgency.  This process naturally brings more clarity about where we stand at the moment and what we want.

Together we will walk „The Walk of Life“.
Starting at the field of our primary family (parents), continuing through the field of our work and career, and the field of our lovelife and partnership.  And we ask our soul about her perception of all the other fields.
We are just taking in what happens.

When:    Monday, 7th of January 2019, 6 p.m. (approx. 2 hrs)
Where:  1010 Wien, Seilerstätte 12/28
What to bring: An ability for adventurous self-exploration and some stability, since those topics touch deeply.
And comfy shoes 🙂

€ 36,- per Person

Limited space, personal booking necessary.
For further information please ring: +436645061128